bob prince - guitarist/composer


Most of the music you hear on this site will be acoustic, though there are some electric tunes, as well. Give ‘em a listen and drop me a note, if you get the urge.

To your left is a picture of my CD. The artwork is a photo of the sky, reflected off of a beautiful Vermont lake. I'm very happy with how the project turned out. If you click on the cover, you will be magically transported to, where you can check it out. CDBaby sells both hard copy and downloads of individual tunes and full cds. For downloads, only, you can click on: iTunes Store.


welcome to my site

Hello to all my friends and visitors...and thanks for dropping by. I play mostly solo acoustic guitar, lately. Some vocals, too. Those are two of my guits in that "action shot" to the right. Please try to contain your excitement...